Play 01 Play 01 Raintro 2:02
Play 02 Play 02 Heartbeat 4:37
Play 03 Play 03 Chasing Clouds 3:41
Play 04 Play 04 Desert Rain 5:12
Play 05 Play 05 Neon 6:34
Play 06 Play 06 Thunder 4:19
Play 07 Play 07 In a Reverie 8:17
Play 08 Play 08 Colours 5:07
Play 09 Play 09 Rainmaker 11:21
Play 10 Play 10 Forlorn 3:43

Available for purchase on Bandcamp and Mirlo.

My second "serious" album, and unlike the previous one, more vocal than instrumental. A bonus track (The Beach) is also available for those that purchase the album on Bandcamp.

While it's not a concept album, the common theme of all the songs is rain, in its different forms. The title of the album is a homage to "Rainmaker" by Kansas, one of my favourite songs ever: the title track itself pays tribute to that, as it acts as an unofficial "sequel" to what may have happened in the original song. The album is a mixed bag of different genres, as while it's mostly tending towards metal and progressive rock, it often veers into other directions as well, touching electronic, folk and more. This allowed me to experiment more with different sounds.

All recorded, mixed and mastered using open source and free tools: thanks to all the software authors for making this possible! In particular, I want to give a shout-out to Fedora Linux, JACK Audio Connection Kit (JACK), Ardour, MuseScore, Lilypond, Guitarix, Rakarrack, DrumGizmo, Hydrogen, Yoshimi, Dragonfly Reverb and sfizz: all those projects rock, and are what made this possible.


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