Cover of the "Koibito Ga Santa Claus" single Cover of the "Koibito Ga Santa Claus" single

Koibito Ga Santa Claus (single)

Lorenzo Miniero
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A few months ago, thanks to suggestions from Japanese friends I stumbled upon an 80's song by an artist called Yumi Matsutoya: it was a Christmas song, very popular in Japan, written in the style of 70's and 80's pop/rock anthems, a bit reminiscent of ABBA, and I loved every second of it from the very first listen! I immediately decided I would record my version of it for Christmas, so here we are...

It's not a cover of the studio version (although that's very nice too), but of this semi-live performance, which was a bit more rock oriented. While I stayed very faithful to the orchestration of that track (with a ton of synths), I pretty much HAD to make it a bit heavier too :-)

For the vocals, I decided to experiment a bit by using a trial version of a popular software called SynthV: considering I needed a Japanese speaking singer, I picked Yamine Renri as the library to use.

Apart from that, all was recorded, mixed and mastered using open source and free tools: thanks to all the software authors for making this possible!



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